Creation Care 101

 What is creation care? Is it Christian tree hugging? A new religion of environmentalism? Biblical stewardship? A subversive plot to overthrow capitalism?

“Creation care” is a term that is becoming more widely used. On the one hand, that’s great; it means more Christians are taking seriously God’s command to “tend and keep” his creation. On the other hand, it means the term is likely to be abused and misunderstood.

At Flourish, we think of creation care as a loving response to God’s goodness and Good News by participating in his revival of lives and landscapes. Creation care means delighting in the beauty, provision, and resources of God’s created world. It means valuing those items not as idols, but as gifts to be wisely used and cultivated, or, “stewarded.” It also means recognizing that the health of God’s creation is connected to the health of his people, most especially “the least of these,” It means acting upon that recognition in order to compassionately provide for the least of these by conserving and cultivating the creation on which we all depend.

Read the following articles for a more comprehensive understanding of what creation care is and isn’t, and let us know what it means in your life.

The Myth of Overpopulation
How the environmental movement has been duped by population advocates and how Christians can lend some clarity.
The New Religion of Environmentalism
It’s not enough for Christians to claim that environmentalism seems like a religion. We have to provide some answers for what to do about it.

Beyond the Green Commandments
The redemption applies to Christian work in environmental action, where “green” legalism is still legalism, and where ecological restoration in local communities can be redemptive work.
Christ vs. Consumerism: Choosing Contentment in a Commercialized World
“Just because something is thrown away doesn’t mean that it wasn’t worth saving.”