By D.S. Martin Flourish, Fall 2011 How far does it stretch the astral beam    celestial stream shimmer-trickle of light further descended than comprehended straight from the highest height? Consider    reduced to a speck in … [Read more...]

Two Poems by Hannah VanderHart

Poet Hannah Vanderhart

By Hannah VanderHart Flourish, Fall 2011 little of material objects: children, cats, snowflakes of portions of space: ‘see the lytel pearl in the oyster’s grey mouth’ … [Read more...]

Gerard Manley Hopkins: Creation’s Poet

Priest and poet Gerard Manley Hopkins (1884-1889) was captivated by creation and wrote his fascination with God's beauty into his poems. He wrote about the stars, the seasons, landscapes, birds and even nature's imperfections—which he found … [Read more...]

Two Poems

Head shot of poet Luci Shaw.

By Luci Shaw Flourish magazine, Winter 2011   Under the Snowing Under the snowing the leaves lie still. Brown animals sleep through the storm, unknowing, behind the bank and the frozen hill. And just as deep in the coated … [Read more...]

Walt Whitman and Wonder

I found myself thinking recently about something Denis Haack said at a L’abri Conference: “If you are too busy for wonder, you are too busy.” I find it so easy to be practical in my daily life. I drive my car. I breath the air. I am … [Read more...]

Poetry by Robert Siegel


Rinsed with Gold, Endless, Walking the Fields By Robert Siegel Flourish magazine, Fall 2010   Let this day’s air praise the Lord— Rinsed with gold, endless, walking the fields, Blue and bearing the clouds like … [Read more...]

Two Poems


By John Leax Flourish magazine, Summer 2010 Here Here is the place of order made by daily labor. Against bright sky, the house, limned by spruce and larch, grown old in weathered caring, stands white. Beyond its shadow, the … [Read more...]

Quotable Creation Care: Rainer Maria Rilke Greets the New Season

A maple tree in autumn.

Lord: it is time. The summer was immense. Lay your shadow on the sundials and let loose the wind in the fields. - Rainer Maria Rilke, Autumn Day … [Read more...]

Two Poems for Spring by Debra Rienstra


by Debra Rienstra Flourish magazine, Spring 2010   Peonies Even to think of them makes her cry, she told me.  Her great-grandfather, a man of tenderness, grew them well and gave them away by the armful. Such gentle surfeit: silken … [Read more...]

Poetry: “Requests”


[Ed. note: Our regular Friday Family Fun editor, Joanna Pritchard, is currently in Haiti, serving with the International Organization for Migration in its earthquake relief efforts. Please keep her and the community she is working with in your … [Read more...]

A Steward’s Prayer

Handful of dirt.

by John Silvius1 Flourish Magazine, Fall 2009 1 Father in Heaven, Thank you for Your abiding presence At the dawn of this new day. The glory of Your throne shines forth, The heavens show Your wisdom on display; And together Your Word and … [Read more...]

We don’t give thanks alone

"...then your light will rise in the darkness..."

This poem by Anne Porter is a quiet, but exuberant, reminder that today we give thanks with all of creation for God's good gifts. Share it with the family you have around you at the Thanksgiving table, and with your church family who shares the gifts … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek: From “A Steward’s Prayer”

In honor of today being Renewal's Day of Prayer for God's Creation, here is a portion of Dr. John Silvius's fitting poem, "A Steward's Prayer," to be published in its entirety in Flourish magazine (releasing on Monday!). From A Steward's … [Read more...]

A poem for the season


Last night a vigorous thunderstorm plundered this part of Illinois, and it left in its wake a crisp fall day. In honor of this seemingly final, abrupt change in seasons, I went searching for a poem for fall and found this one by Wendell Berry, "Wild … [Read more...]