Weekly Re-Cap October 10-14

The Bible Tells Us So: One Church's Biblically Conservative Approach to Creation Care What made this Bible-believing church start prayer gardens, energy audits, and a Creation Care Week? Believing the Bible, of course.   Creation Care Links … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap September 26-30

Caution: Imagination at Work Our imaginations create technological tools to change the world, for better or worse. But how do those tools change us? Creation Care Links (9/27)  Peruse a collection of creation care links from around the … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap September 19-23

Animal Stewardship and the Care of Creation Concern for animals has a long heritage among conservative Christians. It has to be part of the creation care agenda. 58: The Film premieres in theaters nationwide (get free tickets) The film 58: shows … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap September 12-16

A Christian Surfer Rides the Environmental Wave: An interview with Jim Moriarty of Surfrider Read Christian Buckley Interview Jim Moriarty, CEO of Surfrider in the Fall 2011 issue of Flourish magazine about what it means to be a Christian … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap September 5-9

2011 Creation Care Photo Contest Winners Announced! The long wait is over! Read the Fall issue of Flourish magazine to find out who won the 2011 Creation Care Photo Contest.       Creation Care Links (9/6) A collection … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap August 29-September 2

Denise Giardina: Fighting for the Mountains in God’s Country A radical woman of faith and action, Denise Giardina defends the creation and the way of life she belongs to against mountaintop removal mining in West Viriginia.   Theology … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap August 22-26

Sowing Seeds of Sustainability The rural poor are often vilified for cutting down trees. But their resort to deforestation is their last resort. Coupling innovative microlending methods with agroforestry training helps poor farmers develop … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap August 15-19

Famine to Feast: The Story of Anathoth Community Garden "Shalom doesn’t begin once every last person is convinced they need to get on board. It begins with a few people planting gardens in a land at war. It begins with a … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap August 8-12

Where is There Hope? Christian Faith at Home on Earth Rootlessness, identity loss, and despair threaten today's "ecological exiles." Is there any hope of finding a home?   Wild Geese in the City: An Encounter With Creation in the Middle of … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap August 1-5

Tending to Eden: The rural poor are tangled in the roots of creation's groaning Trees: their absence leads to poverty, but their flourishing helps the rural poor of the world thrive.   Announcing the National Association of Evangelicals … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap July 25-29

The Edge of Enough: Digging Life Out of the Compost Bin “A worm bin seemed like a good way to learn something about what and how much we waste. At least that was the plan.”   Motherhood as a Mission Field "Mothers need to study their … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap July 18-23


Christ vs. Consumerism: Choosing Contentment in a Commercialized World "Our lives may be largely defined by what we keep and what we discard. Christ was abandoned on the cross, despised and rejected. Yet just because something is thrown away … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap July 11-15

The 2011 Creation Care Photo Contest Are you a professional or amateur photographer? Be a part of the 2011 Creation Care Photo Contest!     Summer Reading List: Book Recommendations from Flourish Summer is halfway gone but that … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap June 27-July 1

Two Poems Entering the "sacred grammar" of creation.     A Backyard Garden of Grace: One Family's Vegetable Maze Yields Spiritual Fruit Nancy Goodwin and her family created a backyard vegetable labyrinth that yields all kinds of … [Read more...]