Brennan Bird, recently dubbed “Greenest College Student Of The Year,” conducted an eco-project in which he saved all the trash he produced for a year and lived with it in his dorm room both to raise get people to question their own consumption habits and to get himself to see his own environmental impact.

Grace McWilliams rounded up her three friends, set out in their truck, and started picking up their towns waste. It caught on and had a huge impact.

According to the EPA the average American produces about 4.4 pounds of trash a day, 29 pounds per week, 1,600 pounds a year. There are lots of ways  to reduce that number that we’ve talked about at Flourish before such as composting, recycling, etc. but here is a new one: Lisa Hernandez tackles the waste problem by treating [...]

Psst. Here’s a secret: Recycling paper is worthless if we don’t use recycled paper.

It’s hard to enjoy the great hot drinks of the holiday season in a paper cup. Wrap your hands around a warm mug, instead!

Resources for making the switch from analog to digital television in a creation-friendly way.