Flourish magazine, Fall 2010 Five Questions For: Gretchen Peck This summer Gretchen Peck became the coordinator of Renewal, a student-led creation care movement across Christian college campuses. She is based out of Minneapolis but grew up in upstate New York in a family prone to recycling and biking and a town known for food co-ops and [...]

Author Tracey Bianchi about hugging trees AND people; a hopeful documentary about food, for once; and China’s rise to energy infamy in this issue of Sprouts from Flourish magazine.

The National Day of Prayer for Creation; young evangelicals in creation care; and the environmental issue that’s been on everybody’s mind in this edition of Sprouts from Flourish magazine.

New books by Matthew Sleeth, Scott Sabin, and Tracey Bianchi; what’s most important to us about the places we live; and the depth of Not One Sparrow’s Ben DeVries’ care for animals, all in this Flourish magazine’s Sprouts column.

Learn Margaret Feinberg’s environmental indulgence and find out what motivates us to care about creation in this Fall 2009 edition of Sprouts.


August 3, 2009

Sprouts: Items of interest springing up around the creation care community