Parents on Parenting (1): What is the Best Piece of Advice for New Parents?

[Ed. note: This article is part of our weekly series of resources for churches and families called Cultivating Community published on Thursdays.] The call to care for creation means prioritizing what is important using the Bible and Jesus as our … [Read more...]

Motherhood as a Mission Field

Do you think that parenting can be a mission field? In her article "Motherhood as a Mission Field" author Rachael Jankovic says that it is. She writes: The closer you get to home, the less intriguing the work of sacrifice seems. As someone once … [Read more...]

The Glory of Homemaking


[Ed. note: This article is part of our series of weekly reflections, called Deep Down Things, published on Wednesdays. The following is an interview with Kelley Wampler—homemaker, wife, and mother of three.] Flourish: You are the wife of a … [Read more...]