Resources: Creature Care

We are surrounded by God’s beauty, even, as Rachel Starr Thomson writes, in the middle of Detroit.

Fundamentally, creation care simply means taking care of the things God made in the first chapter of Genesis: the plants, the animals, the land, and all the rest. These featured articles will help you think well about how to care for the basic elements of creation.

Ben DeVries, founder of Not One Sparrow, an organization dedicated to being a “Christian voice for animals,” tackles the question of whether or not the creation care movement needs “creature care” and also other questions related to Christianity and animals.

The glory of the Lord is manifested in his creation. Because of this we can be drawn to worship the Creator by learning about what he has made. This is true of plants, the earth, the cosmos, animals, and, yes, Sperm Whales.

C. S. Lewis, in his book Perelandra, pictures what our relationship with animals may have been like had there been no fall. There are examples of the remnants of that unfallen relationship today, but even they are not what they are supposed to be.