Trees: their absence leads to poverty, but their flourishing helps the rural poor of the world thrive.

By Joanna Pritchard Flourish magazine, Fall 2010   In April I watched a Haitian boy lay on his belly on an improvised surfboard, paddling it through the turquoise Caribbean waters, the perfect way to cool off on a blazing hot day. The boy had found a large chunk of Styrofoam for a raft, and was [...]

Have you forgotten about Haiti? Here’s one way to remember (and love) brothers and sisters still suffering from environmental disaster.

Flourish president Rusty Pritchard writes from Port-au-Prince, detailing the tragedy of Haitian politics in the time of cholera, and where hope can still be found.

Instead of wondering “What can I get for the person who has everything?” this Christmas, maybe it’s time to ask a different question…

Haiti’s troubles continue, now with cholera running rampant through the country. Here are four concrete ways to help those suffering.