Wendell Berry is right to remind us of our responsibility of stewardship. Is he right to tell us what stewardship looks like?

Living and acting in faith, gratitude, and humility helps heal the diseases that plague both land and people.

Woe to the Label Makers

January 20, 2010

Nobody likes to be labeled. Get past the labels and make some surprising discoveries and unique partnerships in the world of environmental stewardship.

“Berry has reminded me that true heroism is far more dependent on a life that tenaciously makes consistent, long term, and righteous choices than one that pursues the notoriety of being an advocate for reformation.”

Ashley Woodiwiss’s bittersweet meditation on reading Wendell Berry then and now.

We Love the Creation We Know

January 13, 2010

No matter how humble our immediate environment is, we must learn and love that place before we can learn and love the whole creation.

Dr. Steven Bouma-Prediger, a leader in the creation care movement, responds to Wendell Berry’s essay on stewardship, “The Gift of Good Land,” 30 years after its original publication.