nature-deficit disorder

This family nature activity is a great way to get connected to the birds in your backyard in as little as 15 minutes. Contribute to real bird conservation efforts just by counting what you see. No previous bird expertise required!

Once you’ve set up some backyard birdfeeders as described in Part 1, go beyond the simple pleasure of watching birds with these few steps, outlined below, to engage your family’s intellect and passions in a deeper understanding of birds and local ecology.

Christmas is approaching, and it may seem there’s no time for picnicking or walks, but in reality it’s extra important to set aside a few hours to enjoy the outdoors as an antidote to the consumer side of the holidays.

Playing with Leaves and Sticks

November 19, 2009

An art in nature activity for kids inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy. Have fun making a temporary collage on the spot and get closer to God’s creation.

It’s part of God’s (intelligent, by definition) design–to make gardeners who love the garden. I’m betting on the latter hypothesis. But there’s a competing impulse, a dark attraction that fights for the affection of humans. Is it money? Sex? Power? No, actually it’s video screens.