nature appreciation

Reading about nature is fine,

Why, according to Lyanda Lynn Haupt, is walking a “necessary practice?”

Nature Observation Walk

August 12, 2010

A nature observation walk with a group of friends gives us fresh air, fellowship, exercise, and a chance to sharpen our observation skills. It can deepen friendships by getting us out of our usual routines, and bring us closer to God. With this activity, you’ll look a little more closely at your surroundings and have a deeper experience of creation. It can be a short walk in a city park or an all-day event further afield.

John Calvin is overwhelmed.

Earth in Art

July 26, 2010

Artist Jennifer Lynn Haas takes the themes of resurrection, beauty, forgiveness, and nurturing from creation and paints them across her canvas.

Poetry: “Requests”

March 19, 2010

“We want … an end to all our wanting.”

A low-key game or activity can help your kids see something new in creation and can persuade them they’ll have fun when they think they’d rather stay in and watch TV. These three activities are proven catalysts for joyful, unstructured play in nature.

This family nature activity is a great way to get connected to the birds in your backyard in as little as 15 minutes. Contribute to real bird conservation efforts just by counting what you see. No previous bird expertise required!

Once you’ve set up some backyard birdfeeders as described in Part 1, go beyond the simple pleasure of watching birds with these few steps, outlined below, to engage your family’s intellect and passions in a deeper understanding of birds and local ecology.

After you install one or two feeders, it will take a couple of weeks for word to get out. But once a few birds find them they’ll post it on Facebook and start tweeting about it, and before you know it their entire social networks will show up in your backyard.