Film | Cool It

December 6, 2010

A climate change film by a scientist known for his skepticism. How could it possibly be the sequel to An Inconvenient Truth?

Film | Deep Down

September 13, 2010

Money or mountains? This is the debate many poor Appalachian communities must struggle through when a mountain top removal mine is proposed in their midst. The movie Deep Down captures their struggle with honesty and sensitivity and reminds us of our own dog in the fight.

In watching “Avatar,” Steven Garber discovers a warning: “If we casually walk away from people and place, we lose something crucial to our humanity–so be careful about that.”

The National Day of Prayer for Creation; young evangelicals in creation care; and the environmental issue that’s been on everybody’s mind in this edition of Sprouts from Flourish magazine.

A list of great creation care-related films and a guide for engaging them as Christians.

Film | “Food, Inc.”

January 25, 2010

“Food, Inc.” reveals what the food industry keeps secret.