local community

Bring a plant, get a new plant! A plant swap is an easy (and cheap!) way to build community with others from outside of your church by stewarding God’s creation together.

Does an evening on the front porch sound heavenly? There may be more than one reason that this architectural interface between the public and private reminds us of Paradise.

How your church can turn its giant asphalt parking lot into a tool to care for creation.

Do you have enough sun? Do you have enough money? What will be the goal of the garden? These questions and others are what you need to ask before your church plants a community garden.

The front porch rises again! And it extends further back into history and further ahead into the future than you would have ever thought.

Think “saving the earth” is overwhelming? You’re right. We live in neighborhoods and, Wendell Berry argues, must nurture those small parcels of earth before we can think any bigger.

Live Well Where You Live

December 9, 2009

You don’t have to move to the city or the country to live a sustainable lifestyle. The best choice may be to see change at home.