Gulf of Mexico oil spill

We’ve been celebrating the end of the British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but it’s too early to celebrate the end of the oil’s destruction in the Gulf. Karen Pritchard explains where it’s still lurking.

Turning a blind eye to human suffering is wrong, and we know it. Why don’t we feel the same way about environmental degradation?

Calling all Christians to lament the role we’ve played in the oil spill. But lament isn’t just about sorrow; it’s also about hope and change.

How should Christians pray when we are helpless in the presence of environmental disasters like the Gulf Coast oil spill? Don’t start with the disaster, or with us. Start with God.

[Ed. note: This article is part of our series of weekly church activities, Cultivating Community, published on Thursdays] The Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989 thrust creation’s vulnerability into the spotlight for many of us for the first time. Yet, over 20 years later, that vulnerability shocks us again as we witness the unfolding of [...]