Believe it or not, it’s time to start your garden! Here’s the easiest way to begin.

Do you have enough sun? Do you have enough money? What will be the goal of the garden? These questions and others are what you need to ask before your church plants a community garden.

You and your children will learn the basic principles of composting, build a compost container, and maintain the compost pile for a home-grown supply of free, organic compost to enrich your garden soil.

Plan Your Wildlife Habitat

January 29, 2010

Food, shelter, water and safe places to raise young are the four essentials for welcoming wildlife. Use this activity to evaluate your current habitat and learn about butterfly gardens, bog gardens, meadows, water features, nesting boxes and more.

Map your assets and plan what features to build into your yard to produce food and attract wildlife. Use your garden map, dream big about what you’d eventually like to see, put it on your plan, then decide what you can realistically do this year. Maybe just a couple of raised vegetable beds, or a butterfly garden.

Are there examples of churches doing creation care in life-giving ways? Yes!

The Christian Broadcasting Network’s 700 Club features the Sleeth family in a segment on creation care.

A green rooftop farm is a study in urban agriculture in Brooklyn, NY.

A peek into God’s glory through the walls of an exceptional garden.