Flourish magazine

Earth in Art

July 26, 2010

Artist Jennifer Lynn Haas takes the themes of resurrection, beauty, forgiveness, and nurturing from creation and paints them across her canvas.

How is a nation glutted with suburbs shaping us and the environment for the worse? How can we re-imagine where we live for the better?

Inside Flourish

July 12, 2010

A peek inside the Summer 2010 issue of Flourish magazine.

Inside Flourish

June 18, 2010

The pursuit of happiness: The Spring issue of Flourish magazine features Jonathan Merritt, Matthew Sleeth, Steven Garber and others exploring what about stewardship makes us truly happy.

A radical woman of faith and action, Denise Giardina defends the creation and the way of life she belongs to against mountaintop removal mining in West Viriginia.

How do I know when it’s OK to eat strawberries? How do I cook a kohlrabi? Answers to these and other questions you thought you’d never ask about seasonal eating in this issue’s Toolshed.

In watching “Avatar,” Steven Garber discovers a warning: “If we casually walk away from people and place, we lose something crucial to our humanity–so be careful about that.”

Two poems from poet Debra Rienstra on the tenderness and determination of spring. “…this keeper/ of unlikely things, tender of promises/ more than fulfilled.”

Squirrel pie, mullet salad, geoducks, and prairie oysters: what America has lost and gained in the evolution of its culinary customs.

Our goal is to slowly remake our landscape from one of suburban conformity to one that is God-glorifying and provides food for many different kinds of creatures, including humans.

An award-winning fiction author goes one-on-one with the animals that end up on our plates, and asks how a different way of eating might change not just their lives, but ours, too.

“Our lives may be largely defined by what we keep and what we discard. Christ was abandoned on the cross, despised and rejected. Yet just because something is thrown away doesn’t mean that it wasn’t worth saving.”

New books by Matthew Sleeth, Scott Sabin, and Tracey Bianchi; what’s most important to us about the places we live; and the depth of Not One Sparrow’s Ben DeVries’ care for animals, all in this Flourish magazine’s Sprouts column.

Sometimes creation needs love more than it needs an advocate.