environmental stewardship

Nigerians are poorer, and happier, than Americans. Paraplegics are happier than lottery-winners. So when we abuse creation to make money, what good is it doing anyone?

Restoring Eden is looking for 2-4 individuals to join them in paid internship positions for their tour of Christian music concerts this summer. Get the word out about mountaintop removal mining and other stewardship issues with Restoring Eden!

An “overtired, hyper-caffeinated, stressed-out mom” still manages to take a step of stewardship each day, and encourages us that “sustainable living is totally doable.”

We are warned that small steps of stewardship are dangerously futile. When guided by the Creator, small steps can be dangerous, indeed.

One of the biggest challenges the environmental movement faces is to figure out what to do with people.

A Hopeful Creation

February 24, 2010

C.S. Lewis is best known for imaginative Christian allegories and wise applications of faith to life. But did you know that a rich understanding of creation’s glory and degradation was foundational to his work and his faith?

We depend upon others. That includes creation.

This family nature activity is a great way to get connected to the birds in your backyard in as little as 15 minutes. Contribute to real bird conservation efforts just by counting what you see. No previous bird expertise required!

Today’s response to Wendell Berry’s essay “The Gift of Good Land” comes from Christian Buckley, author of the forthcoming book Humanitarian Jesus: Social Justice and the Cross. “The Gift of Good Land,” was published 30 years ago, and we reprinted it in the Fall 2009 issue of Flourish Magazine to celebrate Mr. Berry’s work, but [...]

Stop wishing for the perfection of Eden! Turning our perspective instead toward the Promised Land helps us understand how to function in this creation as the messed up folks we are.

Think “saving the earth” is overwhelming? You’re right. We live in neighborhoods and, Wendell Berry argues, must nurture those small parcels of earth before we can think any bigger.

Wendell Berry is right to remind us of our responsibility of stewardship. Is he right to tell us what stewardship looks like?

A stream cleanup: A simple way to engage the community and care for creation, all in the amount of time it takes to hold a church potluck!

Living and acting in faith, gratitude, and humility helps heal the diseases that plague both land and people.