Good magazine regularly features infographics that try to present complicated data in aesthetic and understandable ways. Here are five of the best ones about the environment and topics related to caring for Creation. America’s Appetite for Energy:

A “green” facility is a great witness to the world of your church’s commitment to following every aspect of God’s will. Here’s how to “green” your church building from top to bottom.

“The valley of the shadow of death. So describes an Appalachian coal community.” Is anyone absolved from guilt?

Winter is the perfect time to save energy and reduce your resource use by sealing up and insulating your home against the cold. Here’s a thorough guide to the most important energy-reduction measures you can take!

Join with Christian colleges students across the country in a collaborative chorus of praise and plea to the One who creates and sustains.

One month from today …

September 21, 2009

Renewal, a student-led creation care organization engaging Christian college students in environmental stewardship, will be holding its second annual Day of Prayer for God’s Creation on October 21.

Cash for clunkers is over. Was it a good economic investment? A good environmental one?