Deep Down Things

The front porch rises again! And it extends further back into history and further ahead into the future than you would have ever thought.

It’s not enough for Christians to claim that environmentalism seems like a religion. We have to provide some answers for what to do about that, and see it as the opportunity it is.

Woe to the Label Makers

January 20, 2010

Nobody likes to be labeled. Get past the labels and make some surprising discoveries and unique partnerships in the world of environmental stewardship.

The environmental crisis is a crisis of character. How do we develop and employ virtues like prudence, courage, faith, and hope to confront it?

Live Well Where You Live

December 9, 2009

You don’t have to move to the city or the country to live a sustainable lifestyle. The best choice may be to see change at home.

A few creation care lessons learned from a surprising source.