Cultivating Community

Does “Save the earth” sound like more than you can handle? Creation care is supposed to be a delight. Take it one month at a time.

What is environmental justice, and how can we pray for it to come quickly?

Looking for opportunities to take care of creation in March? January? June? Find them here.

By Andy Patton [Ed. note: This article is part of our weekly series of church activities, called Cultivating Community, published on Thursdays.] 2010 has come and (almost) gone so we here at Flourish are taking a retrospective look back into the archives. We’ve dug up 6 practical ways for churches to start bringing creation care out [...]

Have you forgotten about Haiti? Here’s one way to remember (and love) brothers and sisters still suffering from environmental disaster.

When you you most need to bring the outdoors in? During winter! Here’s how.

The season of Advent means the advent of next year’s garden, too.

Instead of wondering “What can I get for the person who has everything?” this Christmas, maybe it’s time to ask a different question…

Looking for a better, more compassionate shopping experience this Christmas? Create your own!

Haiti’s troubles continue, now with cholera running rampant through the country. Here are four concrete ways to help those suffering.

Conservation is only one part of the equation. Cultivation is the other, and the time to cultivate is now.

Psst. Here’s a secret: Recycling paper is worthless if we don’t use recycled paper.

A “green” facility is a great witness to the world of your church’s commitment to following every aspect of God’s will. Here’s how to “green” your church building from top to bottom.

Recycling is a measure of good stewardship, a good witness, and a wise use of resources. So why don’t more churches do it? Learn how your church can start.