Creation Care

“Our lives may be largely defined by what we keep and what we discard. Christ was abandoned on the cross, despised and rejected. Yet just because something is thrown away doesn’t mean that it wasn’t worth saving.”

New books by Matthew Sleeth, Scott Sabin, and Tracey Bianchi; what’s most important to us about the places we live; and the depth of Not One Sparrow’s Ben DeVries’ care for animals, all in this Flourish magazine’s Sprouts column.

“As one Haitian put it, ‘We have lost what we didn’t even have.’”

Sometimes creation needs love more than it needs an advocate.

Fair trade, organic, shade grown, church-going, college-educated … how many adjectives does our coffee need before it’s OK to drink? And is it possible to drink it at church? Yes!

Nigerians are poorer, and happier, than Americans. Paraplegics are happier than lottery-winners. So when we abuse creation to make money, what good is it doing anyone?

Roll with the punches of creation’s unpredictability, says farmer and writer Ragan Sutterfield. That’s faithful living.

“Fifteen years ago I wasn’t all that excited about working in a nation sometimes referred to as ‘the graveyard of good intentions.’” How will more good intentions help or hurt Haiti in the wake of its greatest disaster yet?

Poetry: “Requests”

March 19, 2010

“We want … an end to all our wanting.”

Listening With Our Eyes

March 17, 2010

“In observing some of the devastation caused by our own hands, we might hear Him say that we have work to do to restore His Creation.”

The how’s and why’s of cultivating the earth and connecting to God through organic gardening.

Family Fun articles will return when the feature’s editor comes back from serving in Haiti.

A list of great creation care-related films and a guide for engaging them as Christians.

“We are dissatisfied with wanting, tasting and getting…” What is a better way?