Creation Care

Where Did Dominion Go Wrong?

January 29, 2011

Sometimes it seems like everything shakes down out of the first three chapters of Genesis. In the book of Genesis the Bible presents the story of our first parents that is packed with meaning. In his essay, “What Happened to Dominion?” Dean Ohlman writing at Wonder of Creation takes a slow walk through those first [...]

Two Poems

January 28, 2011

“Glory be to God for changes.”

How to avoid spending more time on screen-related activities that put us at risk for obesity, depression, and violent behavior.

“We have abundance at our fingertips.” How will we use it?

At Pastor and author, Tri Robinson, writes about his, and his church’s, journey to towards caring for creation: “In all my years of ministry, I never saw this coming. Caring for the environment was a value I rediscovered through a series of conversations and hours spent seeking God about what my response as a Christian [...]

Inside Flourish

January 21, 2011

What’s inside this issue of Flourish magazine? To start, are fears over overpopulation overrated? Also, the important role of gratitude in justice, and an introduction of a new member to the Flourish team.

Does “Save the earth” sound like more than you can handle? Creation care is supposed to be a delight. Take it one month at a time.

There is a false dichotomy stuck in the mind of modern Christianity that saving the planet and saving the souls that fill it are two different enterprises. From the Christopher James’ blog: “There’s a debate in Christian circles which goes like this: “We must save the planet, it’s God’s creation!” and the other says “No, [...]

Pound for pound composting is one of the simplest and most helpful things an individual can do to start taking care of creation right away. Turning your food waste is as simple as piling it up outside and letting the natural processes of the earth go to work. In a few weeks time you’ve got a pile [...]

What is environmental justice, and how can we pray for it to come quickly?

There are lots of reasons to care for the Earth. Here are some. Here are some. Here are some others. But Tom Rowley, writing at A Rocha, says at the end of the day for Christians one reason should be primary: God. “For Christians, the primary reason for caring for that which God created is simply because God created [...]

Looking for opportunities to take care of creation in March? January? June? Find them here.

God sees the world as a good in its own right, not as our expendable playground. If that is true, then part of Christian maturity is coming to care for what the Lord cares about, namely, the earth.

Here are some ideas that have been benchmarks to me in my own journey to see the glory of the Lord in the earth he has made…

For some reason the new year makes us want to change our lives. Call it a quirk of the circular calendar. We join the gym, swear off sweets, promise to call our fathers more. One wonders, if the year were a line and we never came back to the same month, how we would ever [...]