Creation Care

The Christian Broadcasting Network’s 700 Club features the Sleeth family in a segment on creation care.

A green rooftop farm is a study in urban agriculture in Brooklyn, NY.

A Green Effect winner!

July 28, 2009

A win for creation care in the Green Effect contest.

Beauty is NOT subjective

July 27, 2009

Truth and beauty are not subjective. Neither beauty nor truth lies in the eye of the beholder. We don’t judge beauty; we don’t judge truth. They judge us, and our encounters with them reveal what kind of people
we are.

The 700 Club interviews Matthew and Nancy Sleeth of Blessed Earth.

Your opportunity to vote for the success of a great idea in creation care!

Philip Yancey on learning more about God through his good creation.

Does “simple living” or “simplicity” really capture the richness of life we mean to convey when we say it?

The Associated Baptist Press on James Merritt’s terrific Flourish 2009 talk.

Does technology help or hinder our adherence to God’s call to stewardship?

Just a taste of what came out of the first-ever Flourish Conference!

Flourish 2009 starts tomorrow!

Glenn Lucke interviews Flourish president and co-founder, Rusty Pritchard.

It’s part of God’s (intelligent, by definition) design–to make gardeners who love the garden. I’m betting on the latter hypothesis. But there’s a competing impulse, a dark attraction that fights for the affection of humans. Is it money? Sex? Power? No, actually it’s video screens.