Creation Care

There’s some part of any baking recipe that children of any age can really get into, in addition to licking the spoon. And the prospect of sweet treats infuses it with excitement. Scottish shortbread makes a great gift. Here’s a great shortbread recipe that our family loves.

Gifting Well

December 10, 2009

Don’t go it alone! Gracious and sustainable gift-giving is a greater joy to do within community.

It’s hard to enjoy the great hot drinks of the holiday season in a paper cup. Wrap your hands around a warm mug, instead!

Wherever you turn your eyes the world can shine like transfiguration.

A few creation care lessons learned from a surprising source.

Thanksgiving has a relatively simple premise. It’s a holiday known for family time, rest, and warm, hearty (and largely local) food. It’s also refreshingly unmarketable. Although you can now send Thanksgiving cards and place giant inflatable turkeys on your front lawn, nothing about Thanksgiving rivals the outrageous commercialization of Christmas. Turkeys don’t have a lot of advertising [...]

Is it possible to leave your travel destination better than you found it?

Children depend on discovery. Help them discover more about God’s creation through fun science experiments like this one.

Celebrating and caring for creation during Thanksgiving makes sense for Christians.

God’s redemptive plan completes the ethic and beauty of creation care.

Preserve the fall colors of God’s creation through this fun family arts-and-crafts project.

Worshiping God in weekly church services is, for many of us, the only time we express ourselves to God in song. In song we praise God’s faithfulness, thank him for his unconditional love, and recount the history of his communion with us. But have you ever noticed how often we use references to creation in [...]

Writer and speaker Margaret Feinberg calls creation care an “invitation to intentionality” in this Flourish interview.

A poem in honor of Renewal’s Day of Prayer for God’s Creation.