Our goal is to slowly remake our landscape from one of suburban conformity to one that is God-glorifying and provides food for many different kinds of creatures, including humans.

Did you know that the most environmentally friendly car wash is a professional one? Still, it is possible to wash your car on your own in a conscientious way. Here’s how …

Arbor Day is tomorrow, and here are some suggestions for planting some of God’s most beautiful creatures–trees!–as a church family.

When the first creation care simulcast–happening next Wednesday–is over, how can you keep the conversation going in your church?

Does your church want to care for creation in a way that is easy, inexpensive, and still important? Build a bird house–or a few–to encourage love for and protection of God’s creatures.

Fair trade, organic, shade grown, church-going, college-educated … how many adjectives does our coffee need before it’s OK to drink? And is it possible to drink it at church? Yes!

A list of great creation care-related films and a guide for engaging them as Christians.

Haitians celebrate solidarity and community each independence day by eating Soup Joumou. Join with Haiti in that same solidarity by hosting a fundraising, community-building Soup Joumou dinner of your own!

How your church can turn its giant asphalt parking lot into a tool to care for creation.

Do you have enough sun? Do you have enough money? What will be the goal of the garden? These questions and others are what you need to ask before your church plants a community garden.

One night, one message: The church united to care for God’s creation.

Are there examples of churches doing creation care in life-giving ways? Yes!