Spring 2011

Spring 2011

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Inside Flourish
By Kendra Langdon Juskus, Managing Editor | What do we miss when creation goes missing?


Man resting from hiking on a mountain ledge.A Flourish Interview with Nathan Foster
The son of spiritual discipline visionary Richard Foster talks about whether creation care is a spiritual discipline and how the mountains spread the Good News.
A woman holding fresh-baked bread in her hands.Coping with Plenty
By Jan Johnson | Self-indulgence in the plenty around us is “deadly” for us and creation. But what’s the antidote?


Lamb among a flock of sheep.Where We Live:
Tending the Flock: Soil, Soul, and the Ministry of HOPE CSA
By Zachary Hawkins | Church flocks benefit from the time their leaders spend down at the Hope CSA family farm.
First Baptist Church OrlandoThe Flourishing Church:
Wasting Nothing: A Baptist Church Finds a Winning Solution to High Energy Costs
By Kendra Langdon Juskus | First Baptist Church Orlando cut over one million dollars in its utility costs and is now an EPA Congregations Award winner.
Nicaraguan man holding beans.Global Community:
Change and a Chance in El Campo
By Kendra Langdon Juskus and Jennifer Ruppelt | Environmental innovations empower rural Nicaraguans to improve their communities’ health.
Items of interest springing up around the creation care community.
By Nancy Sleeth | How to spruce up your home and keep creation clean at the same time.


Book | Living in God’s Creation: Orthodox Perspectives on Ecology
Reviewed by Scot F. Martin | Is creation care a new discussion? Not in the Orthodox church. What evangelicals can learn from a 2,000 year-old conversation.
Book | The Food Matters Cookbook
Reviewed by Rachel Stone | “Sane eating” for people and planet.
Film | The Economics of Happiness
Reviewed by John Murdock | A beautiful and moving, but incomplete, critique of globalization.


Two Poems
By Abigail Carroll

The Last Page

Young girl with a horse.Ask the Animals, and They Will Teach You
By Karen Swallow Prior | There is more to our favorite literary animal heroes than we might suspect.

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