Fall 2010

Fall 2010

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Inside Flourish
by Kendra Langdon Juskus, Managing Editor | Thoughts on this issue.


Environmental Ethics: Bringing Creation Care Down to Earth
by David Gushee | The sanctity-of-human-life ethic is central to the Christian faith, but it’s still lacking something.
Human brain replaced with gears.C.S. Lewis, Wendell Berry, J.R.R. Tolkien and the Spiritual Dangers of a Technological Mindset
by Matthew Dickerson | Christians seeking guidance on living humanly in an increasingly technological world might look to…The Lord of the Rings?


gulf-oil-spill-pelican-before-and-after-cleanupWhere We Live:
State of the Gulf
by Karen Pritchard | More than six months after the nation’s worst environmental disaster, are things going swimmingly in the Gulf of Mexico?
The Flourishing Church:
A Rooted Church: Englewood Christian Church
by Chris Smith | In the heart of Indianapolis, a church that knows what it’s talking about holds a conference on the future of food in the city.
Refugee camp.Global Community:
Sustaining Support for Rebuilding Haiti Right?
by Joanna Pritchard | Rebuilding destroyed infrastructure must include repairing the ecosystems that sustain life and health.
Items of interest springing up around the creation care community.
Toolshed: A Guide to Giving Abundantly
Gifts that bring Christmas cheer to consumers and producers.


Book | Christians and Catastrophe | Be worried. Be very worried.
– reviewed by Andy Patton
Film | Cool It | Cool It is faster-paced, funnier, and better-edited than An Inconvenient Truth. It may even be smarter.– reviewed by Rusty Pritchard


Rinsed with Gold, Endless, Walking the Fields
by Robert Siegel

The Last Page

Plant seedling growing in dirt.Where is There Hope? Christian Faith at Home on Earth
by Steven Bouma-Prediger | For ecological exiles like ourselves, where is the hope of home?

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