Fall 2009

Fall 2009

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Inside Flourish
by Kendra Langdon Juskus, Managing Editor | Thoughts on this issue, and on upcoming issues.


The Gift of Good LandThe Gift of Good Land
30th Anniversary

by Wendell Berry | “…Christianity…is not earthly enough.”
Sowing Seeds of SustainabilitySowing Seeds of Sustainability
by Bob Morikawa | Sustainability isn’t a concept limited to ecosystems. How can the world’s poor apply it to their lives, as well as their land?
Green Building on Solid GroundGreen Building on Solid Ground
by Kendra Langdon Juskus | Homes, schools, and churches: Christians are revamping traditional gathering places according to LEED standards and the stewardship mandate.


Green Church BuildingsThe Flourishing Church:
Green Church Buildings
a Flourish interview | Architect, author, and Flourish 2009 speaker Michael Abbaté on church building construction and maintenance.
Giving Gifts that MatterGlobal Community:
Reinventing Christmas by Giving Gifts that Matter
a Flourish review | Alternate gift-giving that renews and restores creation.
Items of interest springing up around the creation care community.
Toolshed: Batten Down the Hatches
Saving money makes sense in today’s financial climate. Some small actions also teach us to be “content whatever the circumstances.”


Film | Garbage Dreams | Recycling as life–reviewed by Kelsey Jones-Casey
Film | Food, Inc. | What’s missing from our understanding of food?–reviewed by Rachel Stone
Book | Everyday Justice by Julie Clawson | Every little bit helps.–reviewed by Tracey Bianchi
Book | Scouting the Divine by Margaret Feinberg | A shepherdess, a vintner, a farmer, and a beekeeper wake up our reading of Scripture.–reviewed by Kristyn Komarnicki


A Steward’s Prayer by John Silvius

The Last Page

On Respect for Plants
by Gregory Bock | What would happen if respect and reverence pervaded our attitude toward all of life?

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