Summer 2009 / Conference Issue

Conference Issue/Summer 2009

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Inside Flourish
by Rusty Pritchard, Editor | Thoughts on this issue, and on upcoming issues. [Coming soon]


The Work of IdlenessThe Work of Idleness
by Ragan Sutterfield | A farmer argues for the importance of rest in knowing God.
The Virtue of Paying AttentionThe Virtue of Paying Attention
by Cindy Crosby | “I don’t want to miss anything in this world.”
Green Means Growing ChurchesGreen Means Growing Churches
by Jonathan Merritt | Church planter Rand Clark finds a natural connection point with non-believers.


I Want to Green My HoodWhere We Live:
I Want to Green My Hood

by Leroy Barber | Churches can provide hope in environmentally dangerous neighborhoods, in economically frightening times, by doing just what Jesus asked of us.
A Growing MovementThe Flourishing Church:
A Growing Movement

by Melanie Griffin | How a turn toward farming and gardening can cultivate healthy communities.
Humility on the Mission FieldGlobal Community:
Humility On the Mission Field

by Scott Sabin | When working with poor farmers, even agricultural development missionaries have a lot to learn.
Items of interest springing up around the creation care community.
Toolshed: Savings Sampler
Saving money makes sense in today’s financial climate. Some small actions also teach us to be “content whatever the circumstances.”
The Last Page: Eight First Steps for Churches on Creation Care
by Rusty Pritchard and Jim Jewell | Practical ministry tips from the co-founders of FLOURISH.


Disneynature’s Earth | A movie review by Jonathan Merritt


“The Creator Dreams Creation” by Jill Pelaez Baumgaertner

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