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We hear from many Christians who love God’s creation and want to take care of it, but whose desire for biblical stewardship fails to find a home either in their churches or among secular environmentalists.

At Flourish, we delight in gathering these Bible-believing Christians into a community that loves God, first and foremost, and therefore loves his people and his created world. Below you’ll find ways to get involved in this community and ideas and activities for encouraging your family, church, and wider community in faithful, sustainable, and enjoyable stewardship.

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Your support is crucial to Flourish! Your help makes it possible to provide resources and inspiration for churches, families, and individuals to care for creation in ways that are authentic, faithful, and compassionate and that make the link between flourishing human welfare and a flourishing creation.
Cultivate Community
Every Thursday, the Flourish blog series “Cultivating Community” provides activities and how-to tips so that, with your family, friends, or church community, you can get your hands dirty and participate in God’s “renewing of all things.”

Tell Us Your Story
Are you involved in creation care at your church, ministry, or workplace? What you’ve already done could inspire someone else. We get calls every day from reporters, researchers, and Christians looking for churches that are caring for creation in creative ways, and we feature your stories in Flourish, so tell us what you’re doing! Email us () with information about how God is working in your community and your life!

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