Deep Down Things

Calling all Christians to lament the role we’ve played in the oil spill. But lament isn’t just about sorrow; it’s also about hope and change.

How should Christians pray when we are helpless in the presence of environmental disasters like the Gulf Coast oil spill? Don’t start with the disaster, or with us. Start with God.

Eat local: “Not as an act of hatred against grocery chains or an act of defiance against the commercial food industry in the US but as an act of character, of learning and of growing.”

Flourish’s president returns from a trip to Haiti with some good news about how the country is reviving and how you are helping it.

[Ed. note: This article is part of our series of weekly reflections, called Deep Down Things, published on Wednesdays.] By Russell Moore As I type this, I am looking out at the Gulf of Mexico. You could have seen a similar sight out the window of the hospital where I was born, just a few [...]

Caring for creation and learning about it are both fundamental not only to our identity as Christians, but to our identity as humans. And who does it best? Kids!

“The valley of the shadow of death. So describes an Appalachian coal community.” Is anyone absolved from guilt?

Does an evening on the front porch sound heavenly? There may be more than one reason that this architectural interface between the public and private reminds us of Paradise.

“We can easily elevate simple living to the point that it becomes as obsessive and unhealthy as a lifestyle of uncritical acquisitiveness.”

It’s true that the stuff we collect during our lives is, at its best, useful or sentimental, and, at its worst, purposeless and wasteful. Still, things do matter. The resurrection of Jesus tells us why.

“As one Haitian put it, ‘We have lost what we didn’t even have.’”

Nigerians are poorer, and happier, than Americans. Paraplegics are happier than lottery-winners. So when we abuse creation to make money, what good is it doing anyone?

Listening With Our Eyes

March 17, 2010

“In observing some of the devastation caused by our own hands, we might hear Him say that we have work to do to restore His Creation.”

“We are dissatisfied with wanting, tasting and getting…” What is a better way?