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Thank You Kendra The issue of Flourish magazine you're viewing is the fruit of many hands, evidence of the faithful work of a community. Leading that band of writers, poets, artists, thinkers, and volunteers for the last three years has been the … [Read more...]

Romans 1:20 Moments

Water the garden at sunset

Time spent in God's creation reveals the face of God. by Nancy Sleeth Flourish, Spring 2012 It all started in a garden, as so many good things do. Shortly after we moved to Kentucky, a new friend, Sharon, invited me to her house. Sharon … [Read more...]

Sprouts: What’s New in the Creation Care Community

Find out what is happening in the world of creation care by reading "Fall 2011 Sprouts" from the Autumn issue of Flourish. Chris Elisara is an energetic entrepreneur in the world of creation care education. He started the Creation Care Study … [Read more...]

A Cape Town Commitment to Creation Care

In "A Cape Town Commitment to Creation Care" read Lowell Bliss in the Fall 2011 issue of Flourish magazine on what the Cape Town Commitment has to say about creation care. In October, 2010, over 4200 evangelical leaders from 198 countries … [Read more...]

The Bible Tells Us So: One Church’s Biblically Conservative Approach to Creation Care

In “The Bible Tells Us So: One Church's Biblically Conservative Approach to Creation Care” read Susan Drake Emmerich in the Fall 2011 issue of Flourish magazine write about all the steps one church has taken to steward creation. “The … [Read more...]

2011 Creation Care Photo Contest Winners Announced!

All summer we've been asking you to send us your best creation care photos in three categories: The Human Landscape Delighting in Creation God's Land, God's Creatures We received some incredible photos and now are happy to announce the … [Read more...]

Weekly Re-Cap July 4-8

Ask the Animals, and They Will Teach You There is more to our favorite literary animal heroes than we might suspect.   Sign Up for the Upcoming Sustainability Coordinators Symposium Calling all sustainability coordinators! Want to … [Read more...]

Calling All Photographers! The 2011 Creation Care Photo Contest is Open for Entries


The 2011 Creation Care Photo Contest is still accepting entries! Read the Official Guidelines for full details, but here are the basics: When:The contest is open for entries until August 20,2011 What: The categories are 1. The Human Landscape … [Read more...]

The Hope of Creation Care

The hope of care for creation can be expressed in one word: shalom. Which begs the question: What exactly does shalom mean? Author and professor Cornelius Plantinga in his book "Not The Way Its Supposed To Be: A Breviary of Sin" gives a … [Read more...]

Infographic: Flourish Category Web


Browse through the Flourish Category Web to find creation care articles, reviews, and blogs sorted by topic.     … [Read more...]

Quotable Creation Care: Vincent Van Gogh on Hope

Many people seem to think it is foolish, even superstitious to believe that the world could still change for the better. And it is true that in winter it is sometimes so bitingly cold that one is tempted to say, "what do I care if there is a summer; … [Read more...]

Featured Articles: Plants, Animals, and the Land

Creation care is a comprehensive calling. It means stewarding resources well, being hospitable, living well in your local community, and even sometimes telling your kids it is time to put down the video games and get outside. Perhaps most … [Read more...]

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