Caution: Imagination at Work

John Dyer

By John Dyer Flourish, Fall 2011 It’s commonly held that adults have lost the propensity for imaginative play. While kids have the ability to look past the world as it is and see the world as it could be, adults are only able to see the … [Read more...]

For the Bible Tells Us So: A church’s biblically conservative approach to creation care


By Susan Drake Emmerich Flourish, Fall 2011 Moraine Valley Church lies at the heart of an intersection with a Walgreens on one corner, a gas station on another, and strip malls lining the others. It is a church of 700 people located in … [Read more...]

Book | Genius of Place

Genius of Place book cover

Reviewed by Kelsey Jones-Casey Flourish, Fall 2011 Genius of Place: The Life of Frederick Law Olmstead Justin Martin De Capo Press, 2011, 496 pages Had Frederick Law Olmsted been born in 1990 instead of 1822, he may have been diagnosed … [Read more...]

A Movement and its City Stir to Life

Logo for the Center for Environmental Leadership

By Drew Ward Flourish, Fall 2011 Having come late to the party by many accounts, it’s time that Christians train up leaders in the global effort to address our current environmental issues. That’s why the Center for Environmental … [Read more...]

Book | Year of Plenty

Writer Rachel Stone

Reviewed by Rachel Stone Flourish, Fall 2011 Year of Plenty By Craig Goodwin Sparkhouse Press, 2011, 224 pages By now you've likely heard of more than one year-long experiment written up on a blog or in a book, or both—Julie & … [Read more...]

Fall 2011 Letter from the Editor

By Kendra Langdon Juskus  Flourish, Fall 2011 Welcome to the new look of Flourish! If you have been part of the Flourish community for a while, we hope you enjoy exploring a more streamlined version of the website you already look to … [Read more...]

Last Page: Winners of the Flourish Creation Care Photo Contest

Flourish In June, we asked Flourish readers to keep their eyes peeled for opportunities to take great photographs of God’s creation, and to send us their best shots as entries in the first-ever Flourish Creation Care Photo Contest. The images … [Read more...]

Toolshed: How to Get Rid of Your Household Hazards

Blue container marked hazardous.

By Kendra Landon JuskusFlourish, Fall 2011 The dead batteries you just removed from that flashlight. The nail polish color you’re over. The old oil from your car’s engine. Those cans of paint with just a little bit left at the bottom.I know … [Read more...]

Fall 2011 Sprouts

Chris Elisara of the Creation Care Study Program.

Flourish, Fall 2011 Five Questions For: Chris Elisara Chris Elisara is an energetic entrepreneur in the world of creation care education. He started the Creation Care Study Program in 1996 and still directs this environmental study abroad … [Read more...]

Books | Radical Homemakers and The Missional Mom

Sara Sterley

Reviewed by Sara Sterley Flourish, Fall 2011 Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from Consumer Culture By Shannon Hayes Left to Write Press, 2010, 352 pages The Missional Mom: Living with Purpose At Home & in the World By … [Read more...]

Two Poems by Hannah VanderHart

Poet Hannah Vanderhart

By Hannah VanderHart Flourish, Fall 2011 little of material objects: children, cats, snowflakes of portions of space: ‘see the lytel pearl in the oyster’s grey mouth’ … [Read more...]

A Cape Town Commitment to Creation Care

Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, Cape Town 2010

By Lowell BlissFlourish, Fall 2011In October, 2010, over 4200 evangelical leaders from 198 countries converged on Cape Town, South Africa for the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, continuing the movement begun four decades ago by the … [Read more...]