Where is There Hope? Christian Faith at Home on Earth

2012 12 05_1852

By Steven Bouma-Prediger Flourish Magazine, Fall 2010 Homelessness. Hopelessness. Living in exile. One philosopher describes life today as “coping with the flux”—learning to get along in the concrete details of life without the … [Read more...]

Sustaining Support for Rebuilding Haiti Right

One of Port-au-Prince's main drainage canals empties waste into the sea near Wharf Jeremie.

By Joanna Pritchard Flourish magazine, Fall 2010 In April I watched a Haitian boy lay on his belly on an improvised surfboard, paddling it through the turquoise Caribbean waters, the perfect way to cool off on a blazing hot day. The boy had … [Read more...]

Book | Christians and Catastrophe


Reviewed by Andy Patton Flourish magazine, Fall 2010 Jonathan Ingleby thinks you should be worried. Very worried. In his book, Christians and Catastrophe (Wide Margin Books, 2010), Ingleby argues that the world is headed for … [Read more...]

Toolshed: A Guide to Giving Abundantly

By Kendra Langdon Juskus Flourish magazine, Fall 2010   Giving is en vogue. And deceptively easy. Actually, it’s as easy as swiping a credit card. Lately it seems that every purchase we make is advertized as a purchase for good: … [Read more...]

Wendell Berry, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and the Dangers of a Technological Mindset


By Matthew Dickerson Flourish magazine, Fall 2010   Genetic engineering in the foods you eat. Advanced surgical equipment. Military weaponry. The Internet and social networking. The stove in your kitchen. Technologies are becoming … [Read more...]

Where We Live | The State of the Gulf: Where Has All the Oil Gone?


By Karen Pritchard Flourish magazine | Fall 2010   In April of this year, an explosion occurred on British Petroleum’s Deep Water Horizon drilling platform, killing 11 workers and injuring many more. With this began three months of … [Read more...]

Film | Cool It

Reviewed by Rusty Pritchard Flourish magazine | Fall 2010   Sometimes the second version of a film idea is better than the original. In 1969 and again in 2003, The Italian Job’s Mini Coopers allowed bank robbers to escape a traffic jam … [Read more...]

A Rooted Church: Englewood Christian Church


By Chris Smith Flourish magazine, Fall 2010   A 115-year-old congregation in one of Indianapolis’s rougher urban neighborhoods might not be the first image to pop into one’s mind when one thinks of a “green” church. … [Read more...]

Poetry by Robert Siegel


Rinsed with Gold, Endless, Walking the Fields By Robert Siegel Flourish magazine, Fall 2010   Let this day’s air praise the Lord— Rinsed with gold, endless, walking the fields, Blue and bearing the clouds like … [Read more...]

Sprouts: Items of interest springing up in the creation care community

Gretchen Peck

Flourish magazine, Fall 2010 Five Questions For: Gretchen Peck This summer Gretchen Peck became the coordinator of Renewal, a student-led creation care movement across Christian college campuses. She is based out of Minneapolis but grew up … [Read more...]

Environmental Ethics: Bringing Creation Care Down to Earth

By David P. Gushee Flourish magazine, Fall 2010 Prior to the emergence of the modern environmental movement in the 1960s, Western Christianity had lost touch with the resources for a creation care ethic that were present within the Bible … [Read more...]

Inside Flourish

From Kendra Langdon Juskus, Managing Editor Flourish magazine, Fall 2010   We chose Flourish as the name for this organization and this publication because the word implies a full-orbed thriving of things in every direction; all … [Read more...]