Resources for Eating Seasonally and Locally


Although the global marketplace allows us to eat almost any food from any region at any time of the year, eating food in season provides a host of benefits to both producers and consumers. Produce is at its nutritional peak when it is ripe; … [Read more...]

The Theology of Food

What does the Bible say about food? How should Christians think about eating? Does food show us anything about God's care for us? How is it affected by the Fall? Tim Chester in "Theology of Food" offers brief answers to these and other questions. … [Read more...]

Thought for Food: Christianity is a “Food-Laden” Religion

These days everywhere you look people are talking about food. As Ryan O'Dowd writes in "Thought for Food": Whole foods, slow foods, back to the garden, back to the earth, come to the table, eat-pray-love, organic, green, natural, local, … [Read more...]

Guidelines for Eating from Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food

Michael Pollan has made a career of food. No, he's not a chef. He's a writer. Pollan is the author of several books including his guide to eating, In Defense of Food. In the book, Pollan explores the roots of the Western diet and tries to answer … [Read more...]

In Defense of the Family Meal: Karen Baldwin and the Gift of Food

In "The Gift of Food" (from Ransom Fellowship) Karen Baldwin reflects on the meaning of a meal in our high-speed culture. For Baldwin the table is the "family center" and to lose touch with that fact is to "lose touch with something of our … [Read more...]

What’s In Season Where: Interactive Map


Ever wish there were an easy way to search the U.S. by state and find out what's in season at what time? Well... you're in luck. Click around on this Seasonal Ingredient Map and find out when the first bundles of asparagus, baskets of strawberries … [Read more...]

Is Life Too Fast? Try Making Some Yogurt.

Sometimes it is everything we can do to slow down. The speedy pace of life can feel like a fast-moving current that will pick us up and carry us with it if we are not careful. The consensus around us is not not one of rest and Sabbath-taking, but one … [Read more...]

How To Fix a Food Desert

Food deserts in America by county. Slate Labs.

The term "food desert" conjures up images of barren wastes, but we should not think of them as far away places - they are all around us. Slate Labs put together this interactive map (right) of households in food deserts in the U. S. by county. A … [Read more...]

Ann Cooper: Lunch Lady on a Mission

Chef Ann Cooper is trying to change the way kids eat school lunch. If your school cafeterias were anything like mine there wasn't a whole lot of difference between getting your food from the cafeteria and getting your food from a gas station. They … [Read more...]

A Texas Family Connects With the Outdoors… Through Squirrel Hunting.

Royce Johnson, 65-year-old farmer, says in an article in Texas Monthly, "I've got nothing against computers, but I find them so boring. I can sit on a stump just about anywhere in the woods and be fascinated for hours." Is he talking about … [Read more...]

Dan Barber on Eco-Aquaculture

New York chef, Dan Barber, practices what he preaches, and his sermons are food. He eats, cooks, and talks about food that is good from start to finish, from soil to plate, or, in this case, from sea to plate. In this TED talk Barber talks about … [Read more...]

Kids at Youth Farm Learn Where Food Comes From

At Youth Farm kids "do everything from seed to harvest" and then they get to cook and eat what they have grown. Its a camp devoted to developing youth that uses food and nature as tools to teach kids life skills and give them a hands-on experience of … [Read more...]