Sowing Seeds of Sustainability


Microlending in rural areas restores more than just financial stability By Bob Morikawa Flourish Magazine, Fall 2009 Haitian farmers, desperate for both healthy land and money to support their families, have a common saying about the choice … [Read more...]

Wendell Berry: Community Brings Flourishing

Wendell Berry writes in "Men and Women in Search of Common Ground" of how community can bring trials and suffering, but it is in those very trials that our good hope lies. His says that binding ourselves with the closest relational ties in life … [Read more...]

On Respect for Plants


By Gregory L. Bock Flourish Magazine Fall 2009   In “The Silent Scream of the Asparagus: Get Ready for ‘Plant Rights,’” (The Weekly Standard, 5/12/2008), Wesley J. Smith ridicules the Swiss government for advocating the dignity of … [Read more...]

Eight Starter Ideas for Churches Who Care about Creation

By Jim Jewell and Rusty Pritchard, co-founders, Flourish [This article is from our series of weekly ministry ideas called Cultivating Community.] Flourishing churches are those that draw people to God, encourage balanced spiritual growth, grow … [Read more...]

An Offering to God

Michael Abbaté

Flourish Magazine, Fall 2009 A Flourish interview with Michael Abbaté. Although Christ’s church does not dwell in buildings of steel and stone, it still needs physical venues to host worship, teaching, celebrations, and potato-salad-laden pot … [Read more...]

Green Building on Solid Ground

Cecile Roberts's green home in South Atlanta

By Kendra Langdon Juskus Flourish Magazine, Fall 2009 Homes, schools, and churches: Christians are revamping traditional gathering places according to God’s creation care call. “A Gift from God” Cecile Roberts’s home is surrounded … [Read more...]

Inside Flourish


From Kendra Langdon Juskus, managing editor Flourish Magazine, Fall 2009 “Lord: it is time.” So writes Rainer Maria Rilke in his 1902 poem, “Autumn Day.” Indeed, as bitter breezes and brilliant colors sweep across much of the country, it … [Read more...]

The Heart of Creation Care

In cold weather, I find myself staying indoors more and getting somewhat philosophical. I find myself asking questions. Questions like, what were we made to do? … [Read more...]

Why the Church Should Flourish

By Jim Jewell and Rusty Pritchard, co-founders, FLOURISH More and more, Christians are confronted with the challenges of environmental stewardship--taking care of God’s creation in a balanced, biblically informed way. True creation care must … [Read more...]