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Kendra Langdon Juskus, Fine Arts Editor,
Kendra Langdon Juskus is a writer and contributing editor for Flourish magazine. She grew up between the New York-New Jersey highlands and the Hudson River in New York State but has exchanged that topography for the woodlands and prairie of northern Illinois. Her new home challenges her to sharpen her observations skills (those prairie grasses aren’t all identical!), appreciate subtle beauty, and keep her eyes open for spectacular sunsets. She will not, however, concede that Chicago-style pizza is better than New York-style pizza.

A graduate of Wheaton College, with a degree in English writing and a background in environmental studies, Kendra lived in Washington, DC for several years, where she worked for the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities and the Evangelical Environmental Network and wrote for local newspapers before joining Flourish. She is still a regular editor for CCCU publications, and her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Catapult magazine, Books & Culture, the Englewood Review of Books, and Ruminate magazine.

Kendra’s husband, Ryan, works with students in an international transformational development program at Wheaton College, which means that Kendra gets to travel the world with him and peek at God’s handiwork from Nicaragua to India. But at heart she’s a homebody, and she and Ryan spend most of their time feeding hungry college students, worshiping at Church of the Savior, reading a lot but still not nearly enough, digging an organic garden out of the rich Illinois soil, and making futile efforts at getting their cat, Merton, to like them.

Jonathan Merritt, Advisor, Church Programs,
Jonathan Merritt, Flourish’s advisor for church programs, is a faith and culture writer who has published over 200 articles in respected outlets such as USA Today, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, BeliefNet, Christianity Today, The Huffington Post, and He is author of Green Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for Our Planet (2010), which Publisher’s Weekly called “a must-read for churchgoers,” and the editor for As a respected Christian voice, he has been interviewed by ABC World News, NPR, PBS’ Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, Politico, Fox News, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Jonathan first entered the public eye when a classroom epiphany prompted him to organize a national coalition of Christian leaders who care about the creation, founding the Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative. He holds a Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Wake Forest, NC) and a Master of Theology from Emory University’s Candler School of Theology (Atlanta, GA).

Jonathan resides outside of Atlanta, GA where he serves as teaching pastor at Cross Pointe Church.


Rusty Pritchard, President and Co-founder,
Dr. Lowell Pritchard Jr. goes by “Rusty” because he had red hair when he was born. He keeps the nickname in case he ever decides to run for sheriff in the South. He blogs at

He is a resource economist who has worked at the interface of resource use and environmental conservation for 20 years. He serves as a key adviser to numerous evangelical organizations and leaders on creation care and climate issues. He’s spoken about faith, science, and the environment at many colleges and universities, conferences, churches, symposia, and leadership summits, including numerous live broadcast interviews and debates. He is the president and a co-founder, with friend and colleague Jim Jewell, of Flourish, and prior to that they both worked together on the Evangelical Climate Initiative. He also worked for several years for a large environmental organization on designing incentive systems and institutions to encourage voluntary, market-based conservation on private forestry and farmlands. As a full-time faculty member at Emory University he helped create the Department of Environmental Studies there in 1999 and for seven years taught courses in natural resource economics, environmental institutions, public health, resource use and management, environmental justice, ecological economics, and environmental decision-making under uncertainty.

From 1992 to 2002 Rusty was a researcher and science officer with two major international research programs that integrated and applied social and natural sciences—the Resilience Alliance and the Land Use and Land Cover Change program of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme.

He holds degrees from Duke University (B.S., zoology) and University of Florida (Ph.D., resource economics; M.S., environmental engineering sciences). So yes, he’s a doctor, but not the kind that does anyone any good, as his kids like to point out.

He lives in inner-city Atlanta with his wife, Joanna (a native of Scotland) and three children (Angus, Ewan, and Beatrice), where they serve in a multi-racial church doing church-planting, neighborhood evangelism, and community development. He grew up in North Florida and enjoys gardening, canoeing, fishing, and Southern barbecue.

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