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Flourish Communications and Resources

Flourish Magazine: quarterly magazine, online and in print; website, blog, and podcast

Flourish Publishing: publication, marketing and distribution of church materials, Bible studies, guides, DVDs

Flourish Conference: National Church Leaders Conference on Creation Care:  gathering of church leaders for the consideration of creation care in the churches.

Church Starter Kits: in-a-box, everything from energy audits to saving water to growing a churchyard garden.

The Flourishing Church Project

A stewardship program for Christian churches, with emphasis on initial turnkey projects—lighting upgrades, energy assessments, churchyard gardens, outreach and compassion projects that benefit local communities and those overseas.

Flourishing Communities

Church-based outreach and development work in urban environments, including community gardening, watershed restoration, reforestation, job training, and home energy and health audits.


Individuals and Families: building a community of shared ideas, social networking, magazine, newsletter, joint activities

Exchange: An ongoing exchange of best practices to advance the teaching and practice of biblically based environmental stewardship in the churches.

Flourish Institute: A fellowship program equipping and presenting experts on all aspects of flourishing churches and communities.