Evangelical Environmentalist to Preach at National Cathedral

April 10, 2012


by Rusty Pritchard

Earth Day falls on a Sunday this year. Most American Christians won’t hear environmental sermons that day. The converse is also true: most environmentalists won’t hear the gospel preached that day. But in at least one church, on April 22, both groups could hear something inspirational, and the venue is dramatic–the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

My friend, Matthew Sleeth, a medical doctor, and one of the most engaging and winsome speakers I have ever heard, will be delivering the sermon that day. Matthew is a Bible-believing Christian who is unashamed to tell about (and to live out) his faith. He gave up his medical practice to preach and teach about the environmental hazards that are undermining people’s health and well-being, and since that time he has spoken in hundreds of churches. [Matthew's better half, Nancy Sleeth, has an article in the Spring 2012 issue of Flourish magazine.]

It’s not every day that an evangelical takes the pulpit in the National Cathedral. Please pray for Matthew, and if it doesn’t conflict with your own worship time, tune in to the live broadcast. If you’re in DC, you might even want to attend (there are two services, at 8:45 and at 11:15).

Matthew will also be hosting a conversational forum with his fellow Kentuckian, esteemed author, poet, and farmer, Wendell Berry, at 10:45 (it will also be broadcast live).

You can find more information at Matthew’s web site, Blessed Earth.

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