Sprouts: What’s New in the Creation Care Community

October 24, 2011


Read an interview with Chris Elisara (left), founder of the Creation Care Study Program.

Find out what is happening in the world of creation care by reading “Fall 2011 Sprouts” from the Autumn issue of Flourish.

Chris Elisara is an energetic entrepreneur in the world of creation care education. He started the Creation Care Study Program in 1996 and still directs this environmental study abroad program that gives 60-70 students a year unparalleled academic and spiritual growth in the natural ecosystems of Belize and Elisara’s native New Zealand. Last year, with film producer John Paget and writer and educator Drew Ward, he began a Web series called American Makeover, which explores the problems suburban sprawl poses to ecosystems, health, and community, and some of the solutions.

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