Weekly Re-Cap August 8-12

August 13, 2011


Where is There Hope? Christian Faith at Home on Earth

Rootlessness, identity loss, and despair threaten today’s “ecological exiles.” Is there any hope of finding a home?


Wild Geese in the City: An Encounter With Creation in the Middle of Detroit

We are surrounded by God’s beauty, even, as Rachel Starr Thomson writes, in the middle of Detroit.

In Memory of John Stott: Christian and, therefore, Steward

Managing Editor of Flourish, Kendra Langdon Juskus, reflects on the life, death, and legacy of preacher, author, and creation care advocate John Stott.

Creation Care in the Bible: The Letters of the Apostles

A collection of verses on creation care from the letters of John, Peter, James, and the writer of Hebrews.

Quotable Creation Care: Martin Luther Thinks a Green Tree is Better than a Golden One

Pastor and reformer Martin Luther knew how to see God’s glory in what the Lord has made, especially trees.

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