Weekly Re-Cap June 13-17

Book Review | The Food Matters Cookbook: 500 Revolutionary Recipes for Better Living
The Food Matters Cookbook, 500 recipes by Mark Bittman, creates and retools recipes for those who want to continue to enjoy meat, but not too much of it.

Find Out How You Can Skype With Gabe Lyons, Author of The Next Christians
This summer, Gabe Lyons, author of The Next Christians, is offering to have a thirty-minute Skype conversation with readers about the topics in his book. Find out how you can be one of them!

Extinction is a Theological Act: Species Loss and Its Causes
Ever wonder how many species there are in the world? What the extinction rate “should” be? What it is now? Find the answers as Dr. Kyle Van Houtan weighs in on the truth about species loss and its causes.

Cultivating Community Round-Up: A Resource Guide for Caring for Creation at Church
How can a church do its part to steward the environment? Read on to find out.

Quotable Creation Care: St. Augustine on the Solace of Friendship
St. Augustine speaks of the things that come through the hearts of “those who love and are loved.”


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