Summer 2011 Flourish Creation Care Photo Contest: Now Accepting Entries!

June 21, 2011


Send us your entries in the Summer 2011 Flourish Creation Care Photo Contest! (cc image courtesy of Yogendra174 via Flickr).


We are pleased to announce that the first Flourish Creation Care Photo Contest is now open for entries!

Contest Guidelines

  • Dates: The contest begins June 21, 2011 and ends August 20, 2011. We will not accept any entries after midnight (Eastern Time) of August 20, 2011.
  • Categories: Photographs can be entered in any or all of three categories (described below):
    1. The Human Landscape
    2. Delighting in Creation
    3. God’s Land; God’s Creatures
  • Publication: Winning photographs in each category will be published in the Fall 2011 edition of Flourish magazine, released September 1, 2011. Entries will be judged by the Flourish editorial team and professional photographers.
  • Cost: There is no entry fee to submit photos.
  • Images: Each photographer may enter up to five photos per category. Photos must be in digital format. Only online entries are eligible. No print or film submissions will be accepted. Please send files in JPEG format. We encourage photographers to be creative in their interpretation of the categories. Abstraction and innovative use of color, lighting, and texture are OK.
  • Rights: Flourish retains the right to use winning images. Photographers grant Flourish a perpetual, non-exclusive license to use winning photos in Flourish magazine, elsewhere on, and promotional materials. Photographers retain ownership of their images and may use or sell them. If people are recognizable in the photos you may be asked to sign a model release before we publish the photos. Please notify Flourish as soon as possible if you need a model release by emailing

Category Descriptions

1. The Human Landscape
When God gave Adam and Eve dominion over the earth in the first chapters of Genesis it was not to misuse it—it was to make it flourish. Following that high calling, humans cultivate the richness of the earth, making it livable and beautiful, building healthy communities on it, enjoying it, and thanking God for it. Photos in this category will explore the call to be stewards of the land and humanity’s responsibility to work to make it prosper. 
2. Delighting in Creation
God gave us the earth not only to provide for our needs but also that we might delight in it. Photos in this category will portray people delighting in the beauty and loveliness of God’s creation. 
3. God’s Land; God’s Creatures
God’s glory is on display in his creation. His beauty and wisdom are evident in the earth he has made and the living things he has populated it with. Photos in this category will try to capture some of that richness as it is manifested in the earth and in animals.


Here are some general questions and prompts to encourage your creativity:

  1. Why do you care for creation?
  2. What does summer look like in your backyard?
  3. Where in the outdoors do you feel the presence of God?
  4. What does caring for creation look like?
  5. Where is God revealed in his works?
  6. How do you experience God’s beauty in community?

How to Enter

To enter, send your photos to along with your name, address, email address,phone number, and a short caption for your photo.

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