Weekly Re-Cap: May 8-14

May 14, 2011


Wasting Nothing: A Baptist Church Finds a Winning Solution to High Energy Costs
First Baptist Church Orlando cut over one million dollars in its utility costs and is now an EPA Congregations Award winner.

The Theology of Food
Food—like everything else—is a mix of glory and brokenness. Glory because God made food as a good thing to be eaten and enjoyed; an act in which we experience our humanity. Brokenness because nothing this side of the Fall is free from the curse, even food. We overeat. We undereat. Everyday people starve. Does the Bible hold out hope for the redemption of food? Tim Chester thinks so.

The Biology of Trees
There is a connection between our knowledge and our ability to care for and appreciate things. As we know more of God’s creation we are better able to worship him for it.  For this week’s “Deep Down Things” we are revisiting biology class and studying trees in the hopes of learning a little bit more about the Lord through learning a bit more about his wonderful creation.

Cutting Down Plastic Waste at Church
America makes a lot of plastic waste, and—for the most part—churches aren’t very different. Here is a guide to how your church can steward resources well by cutting down on plastic waste.

Quotable Creation Care: Vincent Van Gogh on Hope
Vincent Van Gogh sees reasons for hope in Spring.

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