Featured Articles: Plants, Animals, and the Land

May 7, 2011


Creation care is a comprehensive calling. It means stewarding resources well, being hospitable, living well in your local community, and even sometimes telling your kids it is time to put down the video games and get outside. Perhaps most fundamentally, however, it simply means taking care of the things God made in the first chapter of Genesis: trees, fish, soil, the air—the basic elements of creation. Below are featured articles to help you think well about how to care for these basic elements.

Redemption By the Side of the Road
By Andy Patton

The Crossing church in Columbia, Missouri, chose to rehabilitate a lakeside habitat on its property as a demonstration of the power of redemption in God’s good earth.



The Gift of Good Land“ 
By Wendell Berry

A 30th anniversary reprint of Wendell Berry’s seminal stewardship essay.



Why Poor Communities Need Rich SoilBy Scott Sabin

In this interview Scott Sabin, executive director of Plant With Purpose, talks about why it is so important that poor communities have rich soil and how his organization goes about restoring land in impoverished places.


Is Caring for Animals a Valid Christian Concern?

Ben DeVries, founder of Not One Sparrow, an organization dedicated to being a “Christian voice for animals,” tackles the question of whether or not the creation care movement needs “creature care” and also other questions related to Christianity and animals.


Living Off the Land or Living With It?
By Tri Robinson

Pastor and author, Tri Robinson, reflects on some lessons he has learned living on a self-sustaining homestead in Idaho about the challenges and rewards of living with the land rather than off of it.


Faith and Feathers
By Lindsey Howald Patton

Can God’s beauty be seen in the feathers of birds? Lindsey Howald Patton reflects on two works of fiction that answer, “Yes.”


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