Help Keep Flourish Going in 2011!

April 16, 2011


Dear Friends,

From the comfort of home, and armed with multiple Web newsfeeds, anybody can be an expert on environmental issues. Right?

Well, maybe. But that’s not the whole picture:

  • There’s a lot of environmental propaganda out there. Christians who care about the common good need a way of filtering out the noise.
  • Much of that information is produced by sources that don’t share our Christian worldview: that the earth is God’s creation, and we are His stewards.
  • Christians know that the biggest problems come from the condition of the human heart. Christians need coverage of the spiritual dimensions of the problems.
  • Environmental problems seem remote, and the solutions seem political.Christians need to know what they can do to make a practical difference in the lives of their families, churches, and communities.

So this spring, we’re asking you to donate to Flourish.


  • We don’t just inform. We inspire. We witness. We channel your concern for creation into life-affirming ministry.
  • We share the stories of people like you and churches like yours.
  • We’re aiming high: In 2011 we’re . . .
    • improving our website to make resources on a variety of creation care issues more accessible to you
    • creating a set of resources to help your church celebrate Thanksgiving-the “real Earth Day”-in meaningful ways
    • revamping Flourish magazine to be not only informative, but also beautiful and winsome
    • creating materials to empower you to be salt and light with a family-centered, pro-life ethic of creation care amidst secular environmentalism
    • compiling guides for churches and families in
      • community outreach and evangelism
      • energy efficiency in churches, schools, and homes
      • giving our kids more green time and less screen time
  • We’ve never done this alone, and we can’t do it alone now. Two years ago, many of you joined us as at the 2009 Flourish Conference. The enthusiasm you shared there-and the affirmation and support you daily send to us-inspires us to create quality, accessible materials to encourage growth among God’s people in a created world.

Already in 2011, we have entered the conversation about the dire threats to human dignity from the radical population control agenda-a discussion that is desperate for pro-life Christian input. We have challenged conceptions about the role of computer technology in our daily lives. We have published how-tos for reducing over-consumption by establishing a goods and services swap at your church and saving water both inside and outside your church building. We have also illuminated surprisingecological themes in the literature of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

And we’re just getting started! Spring is pushing its way through our yards and neighborhoods, and at Flourish we’re looking forward to supplying you with gardening advice, thoughts on Earth Day from a Christian perspective, and ideas for getting your church out into God’s natural world.

We need your help to do more. Flourish depends on people-on the sacrifice and commitment of its staff and volunteer writers and the generosity of our readers-like you! Flourish’s economic health has declined since the recession. We’ve tightened our belts and cut to the bone. Our existence through 2011 depends on you.

Please donate today to  keep Flourish going in 2011.

Thank you.

Rusty, Jim, Kendra, Andy, and Jonathan

P.S. We will thank you for a contribution of $20 or more with a complimentary copy of Jonathan Merritt’s book, Green Like God! Giving $30 designates you as a member of Flourish, standing with us in support of Christ-centered stewardship. But no gift is too small: we are grateful for your support at any level!

Feel free to call (404-414-7906) or write (, if you have any questions. Thanks again!

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