Is Caring for Animals a Valid Christian Concern?

March 29, 2011


How often in the Bible does God proclaim his care and love for animals? (cc image courtesy of donjd2via Flickr)

Should Christians who are concerned about creation care also be concerned about creature care?

Ben DeVries, founder of Not One Sparrow, an organization dedicated to being a “Christian voice for animals,” thinks the answer is emphatically “Yes!”

DeVries writes:

Caring for animals doesn’t typically receive much attention in Christian communities, and we’re even prone to wonder if the Bible has much to say about the subject at all.  But there are many scriptural references to animals and their well-being and suffering, and from start to finish the Bible is clear that God cares very much for every creature He has lovingly made.

God desires for us to relate to animals with compassion and appreciation, just as He does, and has given us the responsibility of caring for them as stewards of all of His creation.  As Christians, we have the hope of belonging to a new creation in Christ, which also calls us to work toward the time when abuse and suffering will not affect any creature.

You can find this and other answers to commonly asked questions about the relation of Christianity and animals on Not One Sparrow’s FAQ page where DeVries responds to questions like:

  • Don’t we have higher priorities as Christians than animals?
  • What about conflicts between animal and human welfare?
  • Have other Christians, past and present, cared for animals?
  • Do animals really suffer?


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Ben DeVries March 29, 2011 at 11:07 pm

I did a double-take when I saw this post pop up in my news feed, thank you so much for sharing!

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