Can Learning About a Whale Be an Exercise in the Worship of God?

March 15, 2011


Can animals display the attributes and workings of God? (cc image courtesy of Strange Ones via Flickr)

As our knowledge about creation increases so does our ability to see God’s glory in it. The works of God’s hands display his attributes. The sunrise and the rain speak of God’s care for the just and the  unjust alike. The sparrow’s food and the flower’s colors point to God’s provision for even the smallest of things. His strength is manifested in the expanse of the sea. The flights of birds attest to his wisdom.

What do Sperm Whales reveal about God? Read “The Sperm Whale Works in Extraordinary Ways” by Hal Whitehead and answer that question for yourself.

Before you read revisit those last few chapters of Job and look specifically for the connections between the characteristics of the animals and what they show about the nature and workings of God. Then read what Whitehead has to say about the Sperm Whale and use it as an occasion to cultivate a sense of worship for God because of the splendor of his creation.

Whitehead writes:

…For me, there is one question that overshadows all the others: is there any other being that bundles together so many extremes? Sperm whales are the largest-toothed animals in the world, have the longest intestines, the biggest brains and the largest noses. Their dives may be the deepest and longest of any mammal – and even with their numbers drastically reduced by whaling, they still take as much food out of the ocean each year as all of mankind’s fisheries put together. Read on.


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