Which to Save: Earth or Souls?

January 16, 2011


There is a false dichotomy stuck in the mind of modern Christianity that saving the planet and saving the souls that fill it are two different enterprises.

From the Christopher James’ blog:

“There’s a debate in Christian circles which goes like this: “We must save the planet, it’s God’s creation!” and the other says “No, the earth is doomed, we must save souls from this sinking ship!” Perhaps you’ve heard or participated in a version of this conflict yourself. I want to propose that the former is a strategy for the latter. That is, a vibrant, flourishing planet is an irrepressibly persistent, remarkably effective and undeniably global apologetic for the God of the Bible. It can’t be stopped by borders, or language barriers. It has the power catch people when their defenses are down. It can be both overpoweringly awesome and quietly insistent. Helping Creation speak, by preserving it’s wildlife, habitats, and resources, ought to be a top priority for those with true evangelistic zeal.”

The Lord’s creation is one and he made it all to proclaim his glory together. It is reductionist to think that evangelism can be carried out solely by means that exclude the beauty of God found in creation. The Lord often uses his creation to draw people to himself. The world always draws those with eyes to see it to the one who made it.

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