Tri Robinson on Creation Care in a Church Setting

January 23, 2011


At Pastor and author, Tri Robinson, writes about his, and his church’s, journey to towards caring for creation:

“In all my years of ministry, I never saw this coming. Caring for the environment was a value I rediscovered through a series of conversations and hours spent seeking God about what my response as a Christian leader should be to growing environmental problems. My conviction grew that the church must be diligent to tend the garden God has given us. I brought this value to our leadership team and then challenged our church to care for creation merely because it was a biblical value. But I never expected what ensued.”

This long article is a great primer for creation care in the context of one man’s story. Robinson touches on how being pro-God and pro-environment can be confusing in America’s political landscape, paints with broad brush strokes some basic values that creation care consists of, and also gives a few very practical suggestions for how to get started in the context of a church.

For more from Tri Robinson from the Flourish Archives read, “Recapturing the Pioneer Spirit for Creation Care in the 21st Century.”

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